New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 10+
新西兰马努卡蜂蜜 UMF 10+

New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 10+

Weight: 500g


Pouatu Manuka Limited is a boutique company that produces honey from New Zealand’s distinctive Manuka tree, as well as award-winning multifloral Forest honey. We are in the Forgotten World, located in the west central North Island. The Forgotten World is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems; an untouched landscape that still belongs to nature. It’s a place of wild, natural beauty where our bees can thrive unhindered. To ensure quality, we manage every step of the process, from land care to hive management to harvesting and packaging. Our owners are all experienced beekeepers who enjoy being a part of this wonderful industry. Honey has been around since the beginning of time; it is nature’s own superfood!

Manuka honey is well-known throughout the world for its intense flavor and unique health benefits. Our herbaceous and elegant Manuka honey is strong and granular, with an intense floral mid-palate and an effervescent finish. Warming and reviving. Renowned for its quality and purity, honey is a source of unique plant phenols and nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins, and minerals. UMF10+ certification.

新西兰马努卡蜂蜜 UMF 10+

净重: 500g

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