Barramundi Slice

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Delivered chilled (not frozen)

Weight: 400g

Packaging: Vacuum packaging

Storage in 0-3 degree: 9 days

Frozen at -18 degree: 6 Months from Production Date


Singapore’s largest commercial fish farm, located near our little red dot’s southern waters, fish have plenty of room to run around in the spacious pens. Our barramundi benefit from clean water, the energetic push of the incoming and outgoing tides, which bring in oxygen-rich water while effectively dispersing waste, and an ideal temperature of 29-30°C all year. Also, our fishes are fed a customized protein formula in a 70:30 plant-to-fish ratio. When orders are received, barramundi are caught and rushed to the processing plant within 2 hours. Everything is done to ensure maximum freshness, quality and texture.

Our barramundi slice is easy to prepare and nutritious for children of any age with high heart-healthy and brain-boosting omega-3 fats. It has been antibiotic and growth hormone-free tested and ideal for steamboats, fish porridge, and fish soup.


净重: 400g




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