Angus Australian Beef Brisket


Just as affordable as your local grocery store; but unlike the one at the supermarket, it cooks and tastes far better with an unmistakable roast & smoky aroma that you can’t get enough of!



无添加 无抗生素 

无激素 自然饲养

产地: 澳洲/Australia

净重 / Weight: 500g+-

生产日期 / Production Date: See production label

冷藏食用 / 0-3 degree:  7天/Days

冰冻保鲜期: 生产日期后6个月

Kept Frozen at -18 Degree:

6 Months from Production Date


Beef brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of a cow. A favourite cut for low and slow cooking, the meat is flavoursome but to ensure you get the best from your brisket it needs to be cooked slowly so all the connective tissue can break down. Good for a stew, roasting or steamboat!

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